New Year’s Guilt

I have been guilty this past week. I haven’t written in my journal, read my book, or even kept up with my goals.  I tend to work hard for three weeks and, on the fourth week, I slow down. Even though I haven’t kept up since my first blog post, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy!  So, read on to learn what I have been doing and what I’ll be doing next!


Hiking & Biking

Iowa weather has been all over the place, and I’ve been biking to work.  This means, in the morning, I get a freezing cold breeze and a beautiful sunrise. And around 5pm, I get to sweat in my parka all the way uphill to my duplex. But there was one perfect day when Libby and I had the pleasure of going hiking. So, I took the opportunity to use my vintage 52mm Hexanon lens! Below, you can see a photo that sums up our hike at Hartman Reserve Nature Center in Cedar Falls, IA.

Being a Tech Nerd

I was also faced with an internal dilemma:  Car or Graphics Card.  I, being a self-professed computer and camera nerd, of course, sided with kick-ass graphics that could keep up with my 4k camera.  I had a ton of fun (note the sarcasm) trying to cram the graphics card into my home-built PC. This beautiful beast will allow me to tear through projects, and the occasional video game.

New liquid cooled card!

What’s Next?

Now that I have had my week of “relaxing”, I am ready to hit it hard again! Even though I haven’t perfected the whole, “work life balancing scale.” It doesn’t mean that I am choosing to neglect one or the other. I am constantly evaluating my productivity and improving upon it. So, in this next week you can expect to see another post with some freshly baked content!

How do you relax and what motivates you to work harder?  Let me know in the comments!


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