23 and Growing

It is finally happening! 2 years later and I am writing this blog. Like many others, I have always bragged about how bad my writing is. This only set the standard for always being a bad writer. And since this is a new year I plan to change that mindset. So in this first blog post I want to explain my mindset for 2017.


Just by having the mindset for being bad at writing I set myself up for failure. The first step to improvement is knowing that progress has to be made. And for progress to be made I needed to step back and evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. Writing, exercise, and drawing are the three main weaknesses I have right now. It’s easy to  write them off as, “Oh I suck at this don’t worry.” But now it’s time to put an end to that mindset.

Brick by brick I will build up my weaknesses in hope that I will become a better version of myself. The journey isn’t easy, it wouldn’t be fun if it was, and that is why it has taken me 2 years to get this ball rolling. Starting off this year I bought a journal, this will force me to write almost daily. In my journal I am doodling daily as well. And my wonderful girlfriend Libby got me started on yoga (I’m on day 3). All of these 3 different weaknesses will help develop how I think and see the world around me. And as a cinematographer my perspective is everything.


How could I possibly be decent at writing if I didn’t read anything? It’s kind of hard to tell seeing that I haven’t written much in this lifetime! So another one of my goals this year is to read 5 books that pertain to my creative journey. Currently I am a good chunk of the way through my first book, Libby is on her 10th this year… #whenyourgirlfiendisaboss

As much as I can go out and use my camera I need to always have the mindset of a student. Even if I feel like I have a lot of knowledge in the field I might as well quit the second I claim to know everything about cinematography. This world is ever changing and to adapt we need to keep learning and improving. Otherwise we might as well be a potato growing in a field waiting to be plucked from the ground and eaten.

(I love potatoes)


Honestly, the hardest part about putting that pen on the paper was deciding how I should organize my journal. And I think this is something everyone can relate to. I was too busy thinking about how I should organize my journal because there would be NO going back and moving files around. It is so easy to get caught up in the details that we forget to just jump right in. Now that I have a handful of days logged in my journal, writing has become easier. It’s funny that the hardest part about writing now is deciding what I am going to doodle after I finished my journal log.

If there is something you have been debating on doing I challenge you to set a deadline for the next 5 days and, “JUST DO IT!” And after you have done it reflect on how it made you feel, then use that energy towards another positive aspect in your life. It sounds like a cheesy infomercial but I truly was surprised on how much joy I have received just by changing my mindset on writing.

I hope that this first blog post has inspired one person to go out and try something new. Because that is what the new year is about. Too many times do we listen to the noise on social media making us feel like we don’t live interesting lives. Social media creates this sense of competition and even though it can create growth it is just as swift to put out embers. So take a new risk and don’t feel like you have to tell anyone. Let it be a personal victory and enjoy that moment.


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